IAF International Meeting for Members of Parliaments (MoP)

Since 2009, the International Meetings for Members of Parliaments is the platform that IAF offers to Members of Parliaments from all over the world to foster their dialogue on a global scale with the traditional space community (governmental representatives, agencies, industry, engineers and scientists).

The IAF is a non-governmental organisation that gathers all actors of the space sector, both institutional and private, on a global scale. The Federation’s main objective is to disseminate knowledge about space technology and to foster international cooperation.

In order to pursue this objective, the IAF organises an annual Meeting for Members of Parliaments to provide a forum for informal discussions with the international space community (governmental representatives, space agencies, industry, universities, engineers and scientists). The event offers an opportunity for parliamentarians from governing and non-governing parties to discuss the potential of current and future space technologies to deal with key topics of major and global interest.

The one-day programme offers keynote speech and all parliamentarians are given the opportunity to make a statement on the developments and plans in their home country and to engage in a discussion with the other participants.

Themes of the IAF International Meetings for Members of Parliaments:

  • 2012: Satellite Applications – Tools for Policy Implementation and Verification
  • 2013: Benefits Of Space Technology for Economic Growth and Competitiveness of Industry
  • 2015: Water Management supported by Space Tools – Policy development, Implementation and Verification
  • 2016: Space and the Information Society (Connecting the World via Space – Policies, Technologies and Applications)
  • 2017: Space Entrepreneurship and Socioeconomic Benefits
  • 2018: The Seamless Chain of Innovation – From Space Science to Business
  • 2019: Opportunities and Challenges for Legislators in Space Exploration and Space Traffic Management

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